Posted on 2019/09/11

International dematerialisation, Peppol and interoperability

​The keys to a successful Peppol project


Posted on 2019/06/27

Billentis Report 2019

All you need to know to successfully implement your e-invoicing project. Read the full report to learn more about the latest trends and analysis that cover the e-invoicing/e-billing market.


Posted on 2019/06/11

Transaction based processing

In a business world where the speed of change is ever increasing, we must review how traditional methods of business process can change to keep up. 


Posted on 2019/04/01

BSV joins Cegedim e-business

​Cegedim e-business strengthens its position in smart digitization with the acquisition of BSV and expands its customer base in the French public sector.


Posted on 2019/03/12

Cegedim e-business launches SY by Cegedim
SY by Cegedim a solution to speed up and simplify digital transformation, an intuitive digitalization platform for companies of any size.


Posted on 2019/03/07

Ximantix joins Cegedim e-business

​Cegedim e-business continues its international expansion with the acquisition of Ximantix.