Digitise and simplify exchanges between you and your suppliers

Our SY Business platform lets you digitise and simplify exchanges between you and your suppliers by handling the Purchase to Pay (or supplier cycle) process, from the purchase request to the management of orders and incoming supplier invoices, all the way up to payment.

A single interface for digitising your supplier processes

Digitalisation P2P
  • Management of purchase requests from suppliers with a validation workflow
  • Transmission of the order to the invited supplier
  • Management of the company’s acknowledgements of receipt and order dispatch notifications
Digitalisation P2P
  • Entry of receipts for orders placed by the company
  • Acquisition and processing of supplier invoices for all modes of transmission
  • Processing of supplier invoice data

Invite your suppliers to connect with ease

Handling the Purchase to Pay and electronic invoicing processes on the SY portal requires that your suppliers be affiliated. Just invite them to connect to the SY platform first. They will then be able to access personalised Guest Supplier Portal services and view key indicators and information to track their activities in real time. All necessary information is in the member’s kit.

A processing solution for dematerialising your supplier invoices

Optimisation of invoice processing

The SY solution handles the acquisition and optimisation of invoice processing regardless of the sending method used by your suppliers :

  • structured EDI files
  • ERP file exports
  • PO flip
  • invoices sent by e-mail
  • invoices uploaded to the SY supplier portal
  • Paper format using the scanning/extraction/video coding module

Improve the processing of invoicing

To improve the processing of invoice data the SY solution offers a range of services:

  • Invoice data auditing to reduce and prevent disputes.
  • Automatically and manually adding a broader range of information to your invoices
  • Digitisation of invoices for tax purposes and electronic archiving to legal standards
  • Making files available to the various departments according to the routing parameters
  • Comprehensive reporting for process traceability and flow and data tracking