Turn your data
into profits



Your data in real time and in batches in a securised environment

Data treatment  


Your data to store it in the right format and load it to specific databases

Real-time management and monitoring of your business

to anticipate and create value with your data

Data holds an intrinsic value, yet it is the processing and combining of the data that unlocks its true potential, which implies that to truly realise the value of your data good computing capabilities are required.

We have created the SY Business solution to help you better understand and anticipate the behaviour of your customers. You can use our technology to view the data in dashboards and to make them accessible for use via application programming interfaces (APIs).

Your data is hosted
with absolute security

hosted data  

Our storage technologies can handle any amount of data and manage data provision speeds to meet your needs.

Cegedim hosts your data effectively and with utmost security. With Cegedim.cloud, your data is housed on state-of-the-art infrastructure according to the highest international security standards at our Datacenters in Boulogne-Billancourt and Toulouse.

We are one of the few cloud operators to have ISO 27001, HDS and ISAE3402 certifications, ensuring the highest level of security for your most sensitive data.

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