Invoices digitisation

Why switch to digitised invoicing?

Switch to e-invoicing and say goodbye to paper invoices. Our staff are there to help you with the implementation of your e-invoicing process and deployment with your partners, customers, and suppliers.

  • Reduce your administrative costs
  • Accelerate e-invoicing processing
  • Improve your company's cash flow management
  • Improve the reliability of the data in your information system
  • Avoid unnecessary corrections and litigation
  • Streamline the circulation of your electronic invoices
  • Route them to the right department
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

A unique solution for the digitisation of your customer and supplier invoices

Digitisation of your supplier invoices

  • structured EDI files
  • ERP file exports
  • PO flip
  • invoices sent by e-mail
  • uploaded to the SY supplier portal
  • paper invoices using the scanning/extraction/video coding module
Ensure the authenticity of your company's documents!

Digitisation of your customer invoices

Enter your invoices via the SY portal, regardless of the digitisation methods used by customers, in paper format or in electronic format. The structured files which are issued from e-invoicing include all legal and “business” data and an indicator enabling invoices to be processed in the correct way (EDI, signed PDF, published) and with the proper routing.

SY offers 5 modules to improve processing of your digitised invoices:

  • Business control of invoice data to reduce and block disputes
  • Automatically and manually populate invoices with complete information
  • Tax digitisation of invoices and electronic archiving in compliance with legislation
  • The provision of files based on routing parameters to the various departments
  • Comprehensive reporting for process traceability and flow and data tracking

An interoperable network for connected buyers and suppliers

SY enables customers and suppliers to connect to each other and to exchange invoices with all connected companies via a single link, regardless of the systems, formats and digitisation solutions used. Thanks to the powerful interoperability of our network, clients of the solution are immediately connected to their partners.