Turn the digitisation process into profits


Automate your business and operational processes using a range of workflow solutions, remote payment, and electronic signing in accordance with standardised and globally accepted European regulations.

Automatisation des processus métiers


Manage validation for manual or automatic business processes, whether internal or external, unitary or bulk, simple or complex.


Collaborate through the automation of business processes while simplifying information flows. Making them more reliable and increasing cooperation and the exchange of information throughout the company.


SY Business provides the opportunity for automation of the processes thereby reducing processing time by 30%, allowing your employees to refocus on activities with high added value.

Streamline relationships with your partners

Our SY Business solution enhances the stakeholder experience using a simple, innovative and free process. By sharing information flows throughout the process, our collaborative portal makes sure your documents are visible and available for all your users in real time.

Automatisation des processus métiers

Digitisation is an essential transformation process

47% of companies have prioritised the digitisation of their business and operational processes. (source: Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute, Digital Mastery Survey – April/May 2018)