SY Health

An offer in SaaS mode, accessible 24/7 and dedicated to the digitisation of companies in the health sector.

Every day SY by Cegedim supports the suppliers of hospitals, pharmacies and test laboratories in the digitisation and management of their workflows and exchanges by means of the SY Health offer:

Digitisation of quotes, electronic signature of contracts, digitalisation of invoices and payments. SY Health includes all the digital keys allowing health sector companies to increase productivity, produce savings and make their processes streamlined and more secure!

With our complete SY Health solution

Digitise your processes in the health sector

Interface Hospitalis

Logo Hospitalis

Digitisation of commercial and logistic exchanges between ESMS (Health and Medico-social Institutions) and their suppliers:

  • Digitalisation of the P2P cycle
  • Management of logistic flows
  • Invoice digitisation

  Our hospital network

  • 1,800 hospitals
  • 200 supplierss
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Interface Diagdirect

Logo Diagdirect

Digitisation of logistic flows between in vitro diagnosis professionals and their suppliers:

  • Digitalisation of P2P cycle processes
  • Customer access to the catalogue
  • Management of the repository of suppliers and products, procurement

  Our network of test laboratories

  • 4,000 test laboratories
  • 30 Suppliers
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Interface SY Pharma

Logo SY Pharma

Complete management of commercial relations between pharmaceutical laboratories and pharmacies:

  • 2 complementary channels (digital solution + telemarketing)
  • Direct sales to pharmacies
  • Management of supply disruptions

  Our network of pharmacies

  • 21,300 Pharmacies
  • 125 suppliers
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Digitize your documents, exchanges and processes
in the health sector

Cegedim has been supporting health professionals and institutions for more than 30 years. Our involvement in the digitisation of the health sector started with the creation of a computerised data exchange system for wholesalers and pharmaceutical laboratories to digitalise their order and invoicing workflows. That was followed by the setting up of the Chorus Pro portal (for which Cegedim was the 1st contributor!) and the digitisation of accounting and financial documents for public health bodies. The digitalisation of the health sector has increased rapidly

Cegedim now has complete expertise in the pharmaceutical, hospital, pharmacy and laboratory sectors. With SY by Cegedim we offer mature recognised digitisation solutions, including electronic invoicing, digitalisation of purchases and supplies, digitisation of documents, electronic archiving, electronic signature for contracts, and more.

Our SY Health product is dedicated to hospitals, test laboratories and pharmacies. The offer is divided into different digitisation solutions specifically tailored for each health sector actor. This simplifies the digital transformation of your institution and leverages the experience and power of the SY by Cegedim network.
Our solution thus allows health sector companies to digitalise all their processes according to their specific requirements (sensitive data, health data, invoice volumes, etc.).

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