A full range of services

The SY Flow platform offers a full range of services for the digitisation of all management documents and all stages of the contract-to-pay process from a single portal.

A collaborative solution

Coordination of all commercial communications between your departments in just a few clicks SY FLOW is a collaborative network offering personalised interfaces for users, connected buyers and suppliers.

An end-to-end process
that can be started from anywhere in the chain

Digitization P2P
  • Contract management
    Effective contract signing management
  • E-procurement
    Manage your purchases, control your expenses and simplify the order process in conjunction with your suppliers
  • Invoice digitisation
    Process your incoming and outgoing invoices on a single platform
Digitization P2P
  • Dispute management
    Optimising the time and costs associated with litigation in your company
  • Payments
    Innovative solutions to increase efficiency and simplify the customer experience
  • Dynamic reporting
    Improved internal monitoring and oversight of your business

5 good reasons to switch to SY Flow

Enjoy unmatched
quality of service
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Real-time document processing
Manage your flows
  • Dashboard for monitoring your business
  • Real-time data restoration
Digitalisation P2P
Offer an original experience
  • Latest generation portal
  • Simple and intuitive interface
Save money
  • Simplified customer and partner deployment
  • Elimination of paper processes
Access to a collaborative portal
  • Single platform for all partners
  • Online dispute management