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A comprehensive offering
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of P2P purchase to pay cycle processes: from supplier and product repository management to e-procurement; and logistics flow management to invoice digitisation.


of all information exchanges and flows, centralised on a single platform to help you control your flows, to track your business and to review data in real time.

Process digitization


between the different software packages used by public and private contractors and public and private healthcare providers, their suppliers and their logistics providers.


of the transmission and provision of consolidated digital codes and unique identifiers for medical products delivered to the healthcare facility.

A community of 1,800 public and private health facilities

and more than 200 suppliers connected to the Hospitalis portal

Hospitalis is an interface connected to the portals of the main referencing centres of the private hospital sector, for which it handles supply request flows.

Digitalisation des processus  

Optimise your
settlement processes

and control your expenses

With the Post CHORUS Input (EPC) module, Hospitalis facilitates the settlement of invoices issued from the CHORUS-PRO portal, through which suppliers of public administrations send their electronic invoices. Reconciliation between invoices and orders links the item references expected by the establishment and those generated by the supplier. Hospitalis guarantees that all invoiced references and their amounts are checked while optimising invoice processing times.

Discover all services that make up
The Offer Hospitalis

  • Invoicing: Simplify your invoice process
  • Serialization: Simplify drug serialization with consolidated and/or aggregated code
  • Multi-channel order: Simplify order treatment coming by fax and email
  • Web e-catalog: Increase EDI order rate
  • Data report: take control and drive your digitization
  • Collaborative web portal: Simplify data exchanges with your customers
  • From EDI Order to EDI receipt: Get end to end simplify EDI orders
  • Hospivigie: Optimize the management of health products supply tensions
  • Outcoming Calls: Get higher EDI order rate​
  • Product Highlight: Display your brand on our Home Page portal

Medical Instrumentation Traceability

A new Hospitalis service

Hospitalis now offers a Medical Device Traceability service since the acquisition of SEDIA in 2022. Since 1994, this solution has incorporated DM/DMI traceability know-how in order to:

  • Facilitate traceability from receipt of DM/DMI in PUI until consumption in this department.
  • Allow automatic recognition of manufacturers' barcodes.
  • Ensure the health, financial and logistical traceability of the DM/DMI.
  • And all this, without the need to change software!

This solution has already been experienced by more than 8 million DMI/DM references regarding acquisition or manufacturer barcodes recognition. You can access this offer in two ways:

  • The Barcode Interpretation Web Service is integrated into your current DM / DMI traceability solution to improve your manufacturer barcode recognition rate.
  • The Health, Financial and Logistics Traceability Module is integrated into your HIS solutions in order to set up traceability from receipt in PUI to the order of DM / DMI.

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