SY by Cegedim, a major actor for process digitisation in Europe, works in close collaboration with the sector’s top organisations:



National Forum for Electronic Invoicing and Public Electronic Contracts

was created in 2012 in response to the European Commission, which sought the creation of a forum in every member state of the European Union. The FNFE was constituted as an association in April 2016.

Cegedim has been a member of this association since its creation and since 2020 sits on the board of the FNFE. Therefore, SY by Cegedim is an active contributor within the FNFE.

Main objective of the Forum :
to facilitate exchanges between all French public and private actors in the context of deploying electronic invoicing on the national market. The FNFE is a space for dialogue and the sharing of experiences between market actors.

FNFE members include companies relying on electronic invoicing, service providers and publishers, associations, professional bodies or unions, etc.

Various working groups meet periodically on the following subjects:

  • Standards and standardisation: Factur-X, Order-X, etc.
  • Interoperability, which SY by Cegedim participates in
  • Best practices

Since January 2021, a working group (GT-153) dedicated to invoice reform was created, which the SY by Cegedim compliance unit actively participates in. This working group (GT), which meets once a week, coordinates and prepares various consultations and workshops organised by the DGFiP under the MFE (Electronic Invoice Mission). Within this GT, Cegedim is involved in the drafting of notes on the various topics covered by the tax administration, which the FNFE is furthering on behalf of the members and participants of this working group.

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European E-invoicing Service Providers Association

Cegedim is a founder member of the EESPA. Based in Brussels, the EESPA is the European association of electronic invoicing operators. It has more than 90 members from industry, and more widely, it includes many actors of the procure/contract-to-pay cycle. The EESPA's mission is to promote the adoption of electronic invoicing, favour interoperability between operators and weigh in on the European public debate, including with the European Commission.

As a member of the association’s management committee, Cegedim is active in many international working groups that contribute to the spreading of operators and to the coherent organisation of European contracts (laws of finance, mid-market and digitisation, compliance, interoperability, etc.).

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One of the world’s leading companies for tax and regulatory compliance.

Cegedim is associated with Sovos for the international regulatory watch, managing and simplifying the tax dimension of the digitalisation of the procure-to-pay cycle.

Thus, at the source of SY digitisation solutions, a control component is integrated for guaranteeing the perfect tax compliance of the accounting documents issued and transmitted by Cegedim, whatever the regulations in force in the countries covered by Sovos (65+).

Cegedim and Sovos have been partners for many years

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Score & Sécure Paiement

SSP is a FinTech company approved by the ACPR as a payment institution. SSP offers payment solutions intended for professionals for POS, online or remote use. A payment facilitator which works to secure, guarantee and create payment means allowing traders to increase turnover, shorten payment times and reduce collection costs.

SSP supports its customers in all technological aspects for payment collection, whatever the payment means—bank card, cheque or bank account (transfer, direct debit)—and offers several payment methods and facilities.

Annually, more than 14,000 customers from multiple business sectors trust SSP to ensure the security of payment flows totalling more than €4 billion. This ranks SSP as a leading company on its market.

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