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A global network

Cegedim e-business operates one of the largest global B2B e-commerce networks in the world with more than 2,000,000 connected entities, suppliers and buyers, around the globe.

We enable companies to automate and boost their trading activities and cover the entire Contract-to-Pay process, including electronic invoicing. In all the countries where we operate, we help Procurement, Finance, IT, and Sales departments simplify their operating procedures, shift towards secure, optimized daily management, and capitalize on critical data.

Regardless of the country where we operate, we help Purchase, Finance, IT and Sales departments to develop their operating methods towards simplification, secure and optimized daily management, and to build on critical data.

Multinational interoperability and PEPPOL

As a founding member of the EESPA (European E-invoicing Service Providers Association), Cegedim e-business notably promoted network interoperability. Our network has exchange agreements with most other international operators to make it easier to digitize our clients' commercial and financial transactions.

To expand its services to B2G (Business to Government) transactions in Europe, Cegedim e-business was certified as a Pan European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL) Access Point in 2017. This certification was bolstered in 2019 by the acquisition of NetEDI, the largest NHS PEPPOL provider in the UK, which also serves clients in Singapore and Australia.


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SY international  

A growing presence in foreign countries

Cegedim e-business helps you with your digitisation projects in Belgium, France, Morocco and, as of 2019, also operates in the United Kingdom and Germany.

In the United Kingdom

Cegedim e-business subsidiary SY by Cegedim UK is a leading provider of electronic order and invoice solutions and is the UK National Health Service's largest PEPPOL provider. Cegedim e-business UK is known for the efficacy of its NeTIX cloud platform, which integrates with 70 ERP systems enabling connection and automation of B2B processes in all business sectors. The industries SY by Cegedim UK serves include retail, e-commerce, transport and logistics, and healthcare.

Rolling out projects spanning several countries

Cegedim has multilingual sales & marketing, project, and rollout support teams based in several countries. For example, our Supplier Enablement & Support teams operate out of France and Morocco (and Romania on request) and help our clients deploy their international projects.

In Germany

Europe's leading economy, SY by Cegedim DE is specialises in the digitisation of incoming and outgoing invoices. Cegedim e-business GmbH is the sector leader for midmarket companies and is also able to serve large international corporations. Cegedim e-business's clients also enjoy a wider range of services thanks to Cegedim's international presence.

Our country lo​cations

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Global compliance map

The SY by Cegedim solution complies with e-invoicing regulations in over 63 countries, including ten that require Clearance.

We are constantly growing this number and, thanks to a tax inspection module, can adapt to changes in local regulations.

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Cegedim Group operates in 12 countries

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